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5 Tips for Managing the Toxic Employee

tandemhr-toxic-employees-blogToxic employees, while representing only a small percentage of the total workforce, do indeed exist. In fact, according to Cornerstone On Demand’s 2015 study, “Toxic Employees In the Workplace: Hidden Costs and How to Spot Them,” of 63,000 employees, approximately 3 to 5 percent of those employees met the criteria for being disciplined as a “toxic employee.” Furthermore, the presence of one bad apple can cause the entire team’s performance to drop by 30% to 40%. With such a drastic impact on the work environment, toxic employees can create an incredible burden to your staff and your organization.

Is it your imagination, or are they really toxic?

In his book The People Factor, Van Moody, a relationship expert, compiled the following checklist to determine if someone was a toxic colleague:

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Overtime Rule Surprise Decision – Emergency Injunction Granted

tandemhr-emergency-injunction-granted-blogEmergency Injunction Granted
A federal district court temporarily blocked the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) November 22, just days before it was scheduled to take effect.

At the request of 21 states, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas granted an emergency injunction request, halting the regulations that would have required employers to pay overtime to anyone earning less than $913 per week (which amounts to $47,476 annually) beginning December 1. The plaintiffs alleged in a lawsuit that DOL had overstepped its authority and they requested an emergency injunction, arguing that the public interest necessitated a nationwide preliminary injunction.

Employer Options
For now, the overtime rule is suspended. The DOL is currently considering its legal options and it could be days or weeks before the court takes further action. Among other possibilities, it could issue a permanent injunction. Unless a court takes further action, employers do not have to comply with the rule come December 1st.

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CPEO Certification with IRS

tandemhr-peo-certification-blogEffective January 1, 2017, employers that partner with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to outsource payroll and benefits administration will have additional protection with the Small Business Efficiency Act (SBEA). Companies working with a PEO that become a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) with the Internal Revenue Service will experience benefits beyond those they naturally get from a PEO business relationship.

How can this new law benefit your small business?

Peace of mind

The certification is completely voluntary. If your PEO becomes a CPEO, you can rest assured they’ve met specific background and experience requirements, satisfy financial metrics and independent audit standards and maintain certain contractual conditions with their clients.

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Companies Offering Health Insurance Stipend Instead of Group Health Coverage Are Not Getting the Biggest Bang for Their Buck

tandemhr-health-insurance-stipend-blogArticles like Obamacare Options? In Many Parts of the Country, Only One Insurer Will Remain written by the New York Times or the Forbes’ article Health Insurance Premiums Have Continued To Rise Faster Than Worker Wages Under Obamacare highlight the pitfalls of the well-intended Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace. These articles cite severely limited options and rising premiums as the biggest hurdles for those seeking coverage.

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6 Things You Do NOT Want to Omit from Your Employees’ W-2s

tandemhr-w2-form-blogOur payroll processors often receive frantic phone calls from clients and accountants about unexpected items reflected on the W-2 form. Often times this is because fringe benefits were not reported throughout the year in the payroll system. As 2016 is quickly coming to a close, make sure your payroll department is fully aware of any items that may not be included in your normal payroll file, but must be reported on each employees’ W-2 form. Some common examples include:

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6 Elements of Every Successful Performance Improvement Plan

tandemhr-performance-action-plan-blogEvery manager will face an issue with an under-performing employee at some point in their career. Understanding why the employee is under-performing may be a challenge and might not be obvious. Does the employee actually possess the skills needed to perform the work? Is he or she lacking a specific training? Is a personal issue or trouble at home spilling into the workplace? An open conversation about their performance will alert the employee that you find their end results deficient and may uncover some unexpected answers.

After learning a little more about the drivers behind an employee’s performance issue, the manager can begin coaching the employee in an effort to bring their performance up to par. In some cases, the manager may opt to put the employee on a performance improvement plan (PIP). This formal, written agreement outlines the employee’s performance enhancement goals and specifically identifies what he or she can do to achieve those goals more effectively.

Below are 6 elements that every successful PIP will include.

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7 Ways to Keep Unemployment Claims Under Control

tandemhr-unemployment-claims-blogThe Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program provides financial aid to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own, as determined under state law. All businesses pay for mandatory unemployment insurance to cover the cost of this benefit and annual rates will vary depending on past unemployment claims against the business.

Although laws vary by state, generally employees that quit are not eligible for these unemployment benefits, while those who are fired are eligible. Fired employees may not be eligible if they are dismissed for misconduct involving disregard of the employer’s interest, deliberate violation of known company rules, failure to meet customary expectations of behavior or wrongful intent. For more information on specific state unemployment laws, visit the United States Department of Labor website at

While there are many factors that influence a legitimate unemployment claim, one thing is certain. When multiple claims are made against your business, your unemployment tax rates can skyrocket.

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